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Tsunami Pre-Ganged Hooks. 5 Sets of 3-Deluxe

As low as $5.95
In stock
In stock
Tsunami Pre-Ganged Hooks. 5 Sets of 3
Model Code Size Colour Pack Qty Price (INC GST)
Tsunami Pre-Ganged Hook 6/0. 5 Sets of 3-Deluxe 950905 6/0 Dura-Tin 5 sets of 3 $5.95
Tsunami Pre-Ganged Hook 2/0. 5 Sets of 3-Deluxe 950909 2/0 Dura-Tin 5 sets of 3 $5.95
Tsunami Pre-Ganged Hook 3/0. 5 Sets of 3-Deluxe 950908 3/0 Dura-Tin 5 sets of 3 $5.95
Tsunami Pre-Ganged Hook 4/0. 5 Sets of 3-Deluxe 950907 4/0 Dura-Tin 5 sets of 3 $5.95
Tsunami Pre-Ganged Hook 5/0. 5 Sets of 3-Deluxe 950906 5/0 Dura-Tin 5 sets of 3 $5.95
A set of three Tsunami Duratuff Gang Hooks are what you need if you are using whole Pilchards, Garfish, Squid or Strip baits. The three ganged hooks will keep your bait straight and maintain the best presentation possible. These chemically sharpened hooks are tough enough for hard saltwater usage and will easily pin any predatory fish that gets close to your bait.

The Deluxe version of the Tsunami Pre-Ganged hooks include a heavy duty black crane swivel at the top of each gang. This ensures a better attachment to the line or leader and helps cope with any twisting of the bait in the water.

The three hooked design makes it easy to twist the hooks along your baits body so that it is presented to the fish in a natural manner. You will be happy with how the Tsunami Duratuff Gang Hooks will improve your catch ratio.

With a large variety of sizes available you are sure to find a Tsunami Duratuff Gang Hook package that is right for you.

All of the products we offer to you are genuine brand products that have been specifically chosen for their performance and value by the DINGA team. Buy in absolute confidence from DINGA today and get a taste of the service that Aussies across the country rave about!
  • Ganged duratuff
  • Great Saltwater hooks
  • Ideal for rigging pilchards
  • Includes Heavy Duty Crane Swivel