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Tsunami Pro Soft Vibe Shad Lures 60 and 90mm

As low as $7.00
In stock
In stock
Model Code Length (metric) Colour Weight (g) Price (INC GST)
60mm Red Head 330054 60mm Red Head 16g $7.00
60mm Golden Bunker 330055 60mm Golden Bunker 16g $7.00
Vibe 60mm Chart/Pearl/Orange 330051 60mm Chart/Pearl/Orange 16g $7.00
Vibe 60mm Sand Eel 330052 60mm Sand Eel 16g $7.00
Vibe 60mm Gold Pearl Belly 330053 60mm Gold Pearl Belly 16g $7.00
90mm Red Head 330059 90mm Red Head 24g $7.00
90mm Golden Bunker 330060 90mm Golden Bunker 24g $7.00
Vibe 90mm Chart/Pearl/Orange 330056 90mm Chart/Pearl/Orange 24g $7.00
Vibe 90mm Sand Eel 330057 90mm Sand Eel 24g $7.00
Vibe 90mm Gold Pearl Belly 330058 90mm Gold Pearl Belly 24g $7.00
Vibe 90mm 2 Pack 330064 90mm Redhead & Gold Bunker 24g $12.00
Vibe 60mm 2 Pack 330061 60mm Redhead & Gold Bunker 16g $12.00

Tsunami Pro Soft Vibe Shad Lures 60 and 90mm. The fish-catching ability of soft vibe lures has to be experienced to be believed! The Tsunami Pro Soft Vibe Shads are moulded from extremely durable plastic, feature Mustad heavy duty hooks and are precision-weighted to deliver a fish-enticing shimmy. Cast them to Australian bass, golden perch and sooty grunter and reap the rewards!

  • Wire Through Body Design
  • Pre-Rigged with Mustad Hooks


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