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As low as $25.00 Normal Price $29.95
In stock
In stock
Model Code Chest Size Body Weight Price (INC GST)
Water Woofer Blue - M (DFD) 57008 50-75cm 5-12kg $34.95 $25.00
Water Woofer Lilac - S (DFD) 57002 45-65cm 3-6kg $29.95 $25.00
Water Woofer Blue - S (DFD) 57007 45-65cm 3-6kg $29.95 $25.00
Water Woofer Lilac - XS (DFD) 57001 35-50cm 1-4kg $29.95 $25.00
Water Woofer Blue - XS (DFD) 57006 35-50cm 1-4kg $29.95 $25.00
Water Woofer Lilac - XL (DFD) 57005 75-115cm 20-30kg $39.95 $35.00
Water Woofer Blue - XL (DFD) 57010 75-115cm 20-30kg $39.95 $35.00
Water Woofer Lilac - L (DFD) 57004 60-90cm 10-20kg $36.95 $35.00
Water Woofer Blue - L (DFD) 57009 60-90cm 10-20kg $36.95 $35.00
Water Woofer Lilac - M (DFD) 57003 50-75cm 5-12kg $34.95 $25.00
Is your dog fussy about fashion and hard to buy the right gift for? Even the most fashion-conscious canines will be happy to put on a Water Woofer DFD! What’s a DFD? It’s a personal flotation device for your dog - a Dog Floatation Device. They’re built for comfort with a choice of colours for girl and boy dogs. Water Woofer DFDs are the best safety items on the seas for your dog!

Featuring a high visibility material, Water Woofer DFDs are perfect when you’re having fun in the water with your dog at the same time incorporating their safety.

All Water Woofer Dog Floatation Devices have been tested to meet the legal requirements, this means you and your pet family can be safer on the water - and that means a better time all around.

The fact that you can get a quality product for an affordable price and is comfortable to ware means the safety gear will be worn.

Sizes are as follows
XS 1-4kg, 35-48cm Chest Size, 20-25cm Body Length
S 3-6kg, 43-63cm Chest Size, 25-30cm Body Length
M 5-12kg, 43-76cm Chest Size, 30-35cm Body Length
L 10-20kg, 58-89cm Chest size, 35-45cm Body Length
XL 20-30kg, 76-114cm Chest Size, 45-55cm Body Length

Grab yours now, have your pet safe and fashionable and save more than money while you buy.

If you need any help in choosing or finding the right item, please contact our customer service team for assistance right away because they are more than happy to help. We might have exactly what you are looking for! DINGA’s outstanding reputation among the Australian Angling Community is a powerful endorsement of our commitment to bringing you the best fishing tackle with the best service.

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  • High-visibility
  • Ergonomic Grab Handle
  • Designed and extensively tested to give you and your dog peace of mind
  • Unique ultra-buoyancy foam ensures that your dog will always float
  • Padded chest straps
  • Contoured Neck
  • Does not hinder your dog's natural movement
  • Can be fastened/removed easily and quickly
  • Choice of colours
  • Affordable