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Slither your way in style with Watersnake brand from DINGA today!

One of the biggest technological advances in recreational fishing over the past couple of decades has been the incorporation of electric motors onto most trailer boats. Australian produced Watersnake electric motors hit the market in 2006 and broke the USA monopoly of the electric motor market. Watersnake offered a product designed specifically for Australian conditions and blew the other brands out of the water in terms of price point. Watersnake motors are now available in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Watersnake electric motors have opened up a world of possibilities for anglers by providing greater control of a boat in wind and current and an ability to manoeuvre around obstacles and through creeks with a quiet and stealthy approach. Electric motors also reduce your dependence on the outboard motor and minimise fuel consumption.

We exclusively stock Watersnake brand electric motors, accessories, and PFD's at DINGA because we know that our customers get great value for money. Watersnake are also backed by an incredible customer service team just like us at DINGA online!

Watersnake motors are available in both bow and transom mount designs and in a range of models to suit every the needs and budgets of every angler. They’re constructed from high quality components and are designed to charge through fresh and saltwater environments. From canoes and kayaks to tinnies and tournament boats, Watersnake motors will get you to the fish quietly and efficiently every time!

For any information on Watersnake motors, give our legendary DINGA customer service team a shout! They’ll be happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction!

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