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Cast your way into the future with WFT fishing equipment and get incredible prices at DINGA online!

WFT stands for World Fishing Tackle and that is exactly what this German brand has quickly evolved to be. WFT are now present in more than 20 countries across the globe and their innovative products are changing the fishing landscape. WFT are pioneers in powered electric reels and are working at the cutting-edge of both reel technology and recreational fishing practices. Recreational anglers are breaking new depth frontiers and WFT reels are making it possible.

WFT also produce fishing lines that cast further than any other line on the planet. WFT fishing lines combine innovative Japanese materials with German precision and attention to detail to produce one of the smoothest and thinnest lines available. WFT casting qualities are simply phenomenal!

We’ve been anglers for generations at DINGA so we know how to spot innovative and game-changing products when we see them. DINGA offers products from companies like the WFT fishing brand at unbeatable prices and with a satisfaction guarantee!

WFT have quickly developed a reputation for groundbreaking products that offer exceptional functionality and performance. WFT strive to be at the forefront of fishing technology and there’s no doubt that the company will be leading recreational fishermen across the globe into the future!

WFT products are cheaper at DINGA because we are economised online and have a strong relationship with the suppliers. You can also join the DINGA Club and get all of your WFT orders delivered for free!

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