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Wobbler Lures

As low as $3.00
In stock
In stock
Model Code Product Style Size Colour Price (INC GST)
Wobbler 7gm - Silver 33890 Metal 7g Silver $3.00
Wobbler 7gm - Gold 33891 Metal 7g Gold $3.00
Wobbler 7gm - Blue/Silver 33892 Metal 7g Blue/Silver $3.00
Wobbler 7gm - Red/Silver 33893 Metal 7g Red/Silver $3.00
Wobbler 7gm - Rainbow 33894 Metal 7g Rainbow $3.00
Wobbler 28gm - Silver 33895 Metal 28g Silver $5.00
Wobbler 28gm - Gold 33896 Metal 28g Gold $5.00
The evergreen design of the Tsunami Wobbler has been popular for decades because it catches fish in all environments, from freshwater to offshore. The flashing finish is highly visible underwater, especially on a sunny day, and it can be detected by fish with sharp eyesight from a long way away. The 7g model is a hit with freshwater anglers and the 28g model catches tailor, mackerel, trevally and flathead, plus many other popular saltwater fish.